SINCE 1930

In 1930, Nikolaos Malevitis (1st generation) began in Greece, in Athens, the first mosaic production plant and built the first mosaic floors. Later, in 1965, his son Panagiotis Malevitis (2nd generation) continued the tradition of his father’s mosaics and created the company Attiki. At the same time, he opened a quarry where he conducted the Greek marble of Skyros leaving behind excellent constructions and elaborate marble creations. In 1984, however, his son Nikolaos Malevitis (3rd generation) decides to create a new craft area of ​​special marble constructions and has managed to take up countless works of luxurious homes, yachts and hotels, giving a fresh breath to the art of marble.


Today, Panayiotis Malevitis (4th generation) in collaboration with his father, where he continues the tradition of special and artistic constructions in marble, created a new company with modern machinery and new techniques based on the experience of the previous generations. Alpa-Hellas marbles, P. N Malevitis is founded in 2014. Its goal is, people to get to know the company and trust it so that it can create elaborate works together with imagination and love for marble.